Gdinimikoon – "I greet you in a good way".

“..Language is recognized as a principle means by which culture is accumulated shared and transmitted from ones’ generation to another. Language expresses the uniqueness of a way of life...”

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Here is Kenny Pheasant teaching at the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians' community center located in Manistee, Michigan. Kenny has been traveling all over the state of Michigan teaching Anishinaabemowin to those who want to learn.


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At the beginning of my teaching career I thought that writing the language was the way to teach and save our language. I wrote my language for several years with a translation. I started to notice that the translation got in the way and also that people had a difficult time reading a language that they did not know. So I took the translation out and just wrote my language with an oral explanation. Then I thought to myself, “How did I learn to speak my language”?  My parents and my people did not teach me in a classroom, sitting and teaching me all the different language terms…they just spoke.

I began teaching emersion style in my classes and have seen great results. So I decided to produce material that is total emersion, with no translation. I tell you at the beginning of each track what the topic is, but the rest is total Anishinaabemowin. I recorded and edited these audio tracks in a professional studio. We put flute music with shakers and a soft drum in the background on some of cultural teachings and stories. 

Anishinaabemowin is of the oldest languages in North America and everyone who has purchased these CDs has enjoyed them.


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